First Year Photo Project

Capture: Your College ExperienceCapture: The PrideCapture: New Cultural ExperiencesCapture: The Elements

Capture: Your College Experience

First Year Photo Project is a great way to capture all of your college firsts--class, football games, studying abroad, and so much more!

Capture: The Pride

Rain or shine, hot or cold, one thing will always be certain...Hog Fans Never Yield.

Capture: New Cultural Experiences

The University of Arkansas has a rich and diverse student population, and there are many opportunities on campus to meet new people and to learn about their culture.

Capture: The Elements

Capture the city of Fayetteville and the campus as the seasons change.


New Student & Family Programs is looking for students who would like to enrich their University of Arkansas experience through photography. With First Year Photo Project, you will have the opportunity to meet other students interested in photography, design your own portion of the display in the Anne Kittrell Art Gallery at the end of the year, see your publications in future New Student & Family Programs publications, and document memories of your first year at the U of A!

First Year Photo Project students will meet twice a month to discuss the transition to college life and participate in photo challenges with submissions of artistic photos, as well as casual photos taken with  phones. The project aims to display pictures from all levels of photographers that capture the essence of a student’s first year in their own special way.

To view past photos, as well as photos from the gallery please visit our Facebook page. For more information, contact or 479-575-5002.FirstYearPhotoProject