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2017 Mentor Applications Are Now Closed.

Arkansas Kickstart Mentor Program Mission & Overview

As part of the Arkansas Kickstart Fall Transition Initiative, the Arkansas Kickstart Mentor will assist with a pilot program for the 2016-17 academic year designed to aid incoming first-year students in their transition from high school to college by linking their in-class experience with their out-of-class experience. The Arkansas Kickstart program is committed to strengthening the first year experience by connecting students with an academically successful mentor who is an established student leader. The mentoring programs pairs a University Perspective (UNIV1001) class with a mentor in order to assist, connect and increase retention rates for students from first year to second year. Through this relationship, the goal is to provide an increased sense of connection and understanding of expectations that lead to academic success of first year students.

Arkansas Kickstart Mentor Job Description 

To serve as an Arkansas Kickstart Mentor and work to facilitate the objectives of University Perspective (Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Office of New Student & Family Programs) as it relates to the Arkansas Kickstart Fall Transition Initiative throughout the employment period.

Click HERE to download the 2017 Arkansas Kickstart Mentor Description.

Peer Mentoring Experience

Mentors are required to enroll in Peer Mentoring Experience (UNIV210V) as an independent study course for one (1) credit.

The UNIV210V Peer Mentoring Experience is an independent study course open to students selected as a mentor through the required interview process. Student-mentors enrolled in this course will serve for the first 8- weeks of the semester for one (1) credit; attend all the assigned UP class each week (two meetings a week); meet with their University Perspectives students at least once (one-on-one) outside of the class during their eight-week enrollment; schedule times to meet with individual University Perspectives students who may need additional guidance and mentorship; engage in required leadership development and training opportunities; read related research on leadership, development, peer mentoring, and first-year experience programs; and provide feedback on their experience as a mentor.

Mentor Job Expectations

  • Applicants must: 1) complete an application, 2) submit fall 2017 class schedule, and 3) schedule an individual interview
  • Coordinate and attend New Student Welcome Weekend events with your UP students on August 20-21, 2016 before the semester and meet with assigned group(s) as indicated below
  • Participate in class meetings of assigned UNIV1001 section(s), at instructor’s discretion, weekly
  • Model responsible behavior for first-year students
  • Assist first-year students by answering questions and referring to campus resources as requested
  • Attend scheduled mentor staff meetings and meetings with instructor throughout the UP class
  • Maintain contact with and be responsive to mentoring group
  • Keep a journal logging contact hours with UNIV1001 class and contact with students, peer mentors, and instructor
  • Complete required number of contact hours with students, peer mentors, and instructor, dependent upon the number of hours in which you enroll (1=45, 2=90)
  • Provide feedback on the UNIV1001 course to your instructor
  • Complete a final report detailing your experience, which may include a paper or presentation


  • Completed a minimum of thirty (30) credits/sophomore status or above
  • Completed UNIV1001 with a grade of a B or better
  • 2.5 cumulative Grade Point Average by end of semester Spring 2017
  • If above is not met, a written letter can be submitted requesting an exception with the application

Salary & Benefits

Salary and benefits include a $450.00 stipend (before taxes salary) for first 8-week class program materials including text book and mentor uniforms. Exceptional leadership opportunities as an enrolled student in UNIV210V.

Mentor Selection Schedule


Applicants must complete a Mentor Application available HERE (or above). Please submit it online no later than 5:00 PM on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.


All applicants will participate in a 20-minute individual interview. Individual interviews will be held Thursday, April 13th & Friday, April 14th. (Sign-up schedule can be accessed through the application).


All applicants will receive notification indicating selection decisions by Friday, April 14, 2017 via email.


The 2017 Arkansas Kickstart Mentor Applications are Now Closed.