Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society

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Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Sash

A Proud Symbol of All Initiated Members of ALD.

Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter Meeting

The Arkansas Chapter Meets a Few Times Each Semester to Keep its Members Active and Engaged on Campus.

Alpha Lambda Delta

ALD Induction Ceremony: Welcoming New Members.

Alpha Lambda Delta

ALD Honoring its Graduating Seniors.


Alpha Lambda Delta, University of Arkansas Chapter seeks to recognize students who excel academically in their first semester and first year of college.  Alpha Lambda Delta was founded in 1924 at the University of Illinois and has over 275 chapters nationwide. In order to be eligible, students must have a 3.5 grade point average and be in the top 20% of their class. Students who meet these qualifications will have the opportunity to engage in service projects, apply for national scholarships and fellowships, and build leadership experience.


2017- 2018 Alpha Lambda Delta Officers

Amanda Arling—President

Samantha Foley—Vice President

Connor Perkins—Secretary

Larry Blaser—Treasurer

Elizabeth Johnson—Community Service

Mariel Kim—Historian/Editor

 If you would like to learn more about ALD, please email our chapter advisor, Larry Cloud, at


Jo Anne J. Trow Scholarship 

Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholarships are offered each year through National ALD and 35 scholarships are awarded to outstanding undergraduate members in their sophomore year. Ten of these scholarships are valued at $3,000 each and 25 are valued at $1,000 each. Candidates will be considered on the basis of merit and awarded at the National level. Therefore, the University of Arkansas chapter will conduct the first stage of the process by selecting 3 applicants to send to the National Council who will then select 35 scholarship recipients from chapters across the country. We are excited to extend this scholarship opportunity to you all as you have displayed excellence in your academics and involvement at the University of Arkansas!


Chapter Meeting Agendas and Minutes